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Deepavali Celebration

17 Oct 2017

Guangyang Primary School celebrated Deepavali in Term 3. Few weeks before the celebration, pupils were diligently doing their Deepavali artwork during art lessons. These art pieces were used for the Classroom Decoration Competition. The Primary 1 and 2 pupils did colouring, the Primary 3 and 4 pupils made Deepavali cards for their Hindu teachers and classmates, while the Primary 5 and 6 pupils created Deepavali rangoli designs to add a pop of colour in their classrooms.

On the day of celebration, pupils and staff were dressed in their ethnic costumes. Pupils and staff then showcased their colourful costumes at the Fashion Parade. During the celebration, pupils also learnt about the significance of Deepavali.

The highlight of the celebration was the mass dance taught by the teachers, and pupils were taught simple dance moves. The whole school then danced a simple Indian dance item together.
The celebration ended with the school leaders giving out goodies to the staff and senior citizens from Bishan East CC. It was a joy celebrating Deepavali together!



Christmas Celebration cum P6 Graduation 2017

16 Nov 2017

Guangyang Primary School celebrated Christmas and P6 Graduation during the last week of school in Term 4. One week before that, Christmas decorations were put up and the whole school was immersed in the festive atmosphere.
On the day of celebration, pupils and staff were dressed in their festive clothing. During the celebration, pupils learnt about the origins of Christmas.

The highlight of the celebration was the recycled Costume Competition whereby every class competed within the same level to create the most interesting and creative Christmas-themed costume using recycled materials.
Through this activity, the school provided opportunity for pupils to display their creativity by using recycled materials. Most importantly, the pupils were able to display TEAMWORK through this activity as they worked together to create their own class costume.

P6 pupils also presented a wonderful performance as a closure of their primary school life. The thanksgiving segment was the most touching part of the celebration, whereby P6 pupils gave letters to their parents to thank them for their care and support for them. A video of their school life throughout the 6 years was shown, many pupils and parents were moved to tears.