The Visual Art curriculum in Guangyang Primary School aims to nurture three aspects of Art education – to SEE, to FEEL, and to EXPRESS.

SEE: Heighten observational and analytical skills to be able to effectively read and interpret visual Artworks.
FEEL: Understand and appreciate the value of Visual Art and to develop an enjoyment for it.
EXPRESS: Create their own Visual Artworks using various materials and styles of Art-making through a combination of experimentation and understanding of Art theory.


In P1 and P2, pupils are taught the most basic Art-making skills. The lessons at this stage aim to perfect the motor skills which are required for more complex Art-making. At the same time, they are taught simplified Art theory to aid their understanding of Art-making as well as to prepare them for the Upper Primary curriculum.

The P1 and P2 curriculum also combines storytelling with Art-making which supports the English curriculum. Pupils are exposed to not only new vocabulary from the books, but are also inspired by the illustrations to create Artwork.


From P3 to P6, pupils will enter the ‘Master Artist Programme’ in which they learn in great depth about 2 famous artists every year. They are introduced to the lives and works of these artists. They are taught how to interpret and talk about the Artwork too. Finally, they create their own work after being inspired by the works of these master artists.

The Upper Primary pupils will get to experience a rigorous 10-15 hour Digital Art Programme whereby they learn about the creative software, photography and animation skills.



Visual Art Club
The Visual Art Club was set up in 2014 and aims to further nurture talented visual artists in the various aspects of Visual Art. Pupils get to try varied Art mediums whilst experiencing all the processes of Art-making, from conceptualisation, to planning and to the execution stage.

Pupils are also trained in Art appreciation and get a chance to appreciate real Artworks first hand through the club’s annual learning journey to the Singapore Art Museum.


Master Artist Learning Centres

In 2014, the school embarked on the endeavour to create Master Artist Learning Centres to support our Master Artist Programme. 4 Learning Centres were created based on 4 artists – Picasso, Warhol, Van Gogh and Klimnt.

These Learning Centres provide a space for out-of-classroom on-site learning whereby pupils can get up close and personal with the master artist that they were studying.

The Learning Centres also provide more spaces for the display of pupils’ art work as well as encourage higher visibility of the Visual Arts Programme in the school.